Gain:     1 - Discipline (self) - Regular attendance, being on    time, paying

        attention, listening, watching, and putting forth your best

        energy and effort.  Even students of the Pre-ballet

        program (those still too young for the rigors of classical

        ballet training) profit from this.

    2 - Logic - Learn rules, the body only works in certain ways.

    3 - Body consciousness such as Posture and Alignment along with

        development in general strength and fitness and

        increased flexibility.

    4 - Classical music awareness and appreciation.

    5 - Lessons in tenacity and determination in order to

        achieve goals.  Learn that making mistakes does not mean failure.  

        Just keep working!

     6 - Develops brain abilities as well as motor skills and

        enhances the human spirit.  

    7 - To practice good manners and deportment - - -  show resect

        for the teacher and fellow students, learn social skills, to

        adjust to group activities.

    8 - Gain confidence, self esteem and responsiblily

         - - be proud of hard earned accomplishments.

    9 - Learn from the inside out (listen to the rules) - not just

        following the instructor.

             10 - Finally to simply learn an art form.


 Those aspiring to a professional career MUST draw on these qualities, but

  everyone who needs to deal with others on a business or social level will find

  these most beneficial.  The students of ballet learn the rules and guidelines

  and virtually teach themselves, valuable properties in getting along in any

  environment -- the workplace or at home.

    Please consider that ballet may not be for everyone.  The child who

  needs to be constantly entertained will find that in order to accomplish this

  rigorous art it takes a great deal of hard, sweaty, repetitious work.  It isn’t

  the same as dancing around in one’s room in front of the TV.  In other words,

  it may not always be fun; the reward is the accomplishment.  It may be a

  surprise to find that they must listen and do as the teacher says and not

  “their own thing”.  Parents need to explain this to ballet students.  They

  must understand that concentration and repetition are necessary and it will

  be many years till they will be able to do what they see on the stage or TV.